Monday, 28 January 2013

EATING: Shui Hu Ju, Hong Kong

Part 2/3 of my restaurant review from the foodie heaven of Hong Kong... Shui Hu Ju

Yes - I did play with my food

After Zuma came a quick hop to Thailand. On my return to Hong Kong from my mini beach break (much needed) - and following my insistent nagging to my hostess that we were going to eat some CHINESE food while in China - Belinda picked me up from central station post flight and we headed to Shui Hu Ju on Peel Street, Central HK. 

The Shui hu Ju exterior

I have to say I had my work cut out getting Bee to agree to taking me to a Chinese restaurant, and much as I banged on about Anthony Bourdain hopping from one street food venue to the next, Bee was having none of it. The strange thing is westerners living in HK tend to stick to the western food (We had steak Tartare and Moules-frites on our fist restaurant visit) Still who am I to judge, I live here and they live there. After much pushing for this Chinese feast and after a little research from bee, we learned that if you must eat Chinese food, that this was a restaurant that was worth seeking out.

Serving mostly northern Chinese fare, specifically from the Sichuan region, Shui Hu Ju was named after a mystical mountain in a Chinese fable.

If the name carried a sense of China's past, so to does the decor.  and stays true to its namesake with Once entering you are in a homely style restaurant, with dim lighting and plenty of charm. the food was delicious and portions generous, we ordered a cold noodle salad and then for mains the MOST delicious Duck and a very garlicky squid dish. We drank rice wine and I am blaming this for all of the pictures of me playing with the food! 

Belinda tucking into the beef and coriander noodle salad

 The Main courses - crispy fried Duck and squid in roasted spicy garlic

We decided we had NEVER eaten duck this good.

Digging in the Garlic 'sand' for the squid

Street food this is not, but a delicious exciting Chinese gem it was, thoroughly recommended.

xx O xx

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