Tuesday, 22 January 2013

EATING: Zuma Brunch at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

So... Whilst on my Trip to Hong Kong I ate at a good many restaurants, over the next 2 posts I will cover my top 3 Asian meals eaten up and enjoyed whilst in the mega foodie haven that is Hong Kong.

First Post - the biggie, ZUMA 

The first place of note in Honkers was actually an outlet of a London institution - Zuma (quite appropriate as most of the people in the room were expats and most of those from good old London town) so the food... in a word - WOW, or Nom Nom NOM.

At a set price of around $700HK (£65) the Zuma's Baikingu brunch brunch is a brilliant option for a long drawn out and rather boozy saturday brunch. Perfect to cure a hangover, or indeed in this case, for some of the guests - perfect to keep the party going for those who had forgone sleep altogether (not - I hasten to add myself!)

The location cannot be surpassed as Zuma HK is housed at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel, in the heart of Central Hong Kong, and the interior and atmosphere matches the glamour of the location. Booking is essential and you see why as you enter down a wide and winding staircase and walk into a clinky busy bustly room crammed to the rafters with a laid back yet super chic crowd.

The Restaurant

Bellinis or Champagne are on tap and glasses are topped up almost as soon as you put them down on the table (so, pretty dangerous but lots of fun!)

I was sat at a table of 12 friends and, following a Bellini or two we made our way up to the 'Robata counter' that runs down almost the entire right hand site of the restaurant. Here we found the freshest sashimi and both nigri and maki sushi - presented on little baskets resting on mountains of ice. There were also little pots of steaming clams in scrummy juice, noodles and fresh vegetables in gorgeous clay dishes, as well as mixed tempura and chicken pieces cooked in the MOST delicious signature Zuma sauce - basically it was a buffet to end all buffets...

After about an hour and a half of visiting and then revisiting my new friend 'Robata', our main course arrived. I had chosen Gyuniku no sumibi yaki to kinoko with wafu sauce Which translates to... Frickin delicious steak OR...

Sirloin steak and sauteed mushrooms with wafu sauce. Needless to say, it was GOOD. 

It was halfway through the steak that I realised my rookie error in tucking in with quite so much enthusiasm to the scrumptious first course, and - as the mains were cleared to make way for 3 large mountain's of exotic fruits, Ice creams and some frankly quite questionable looking cakes I believe I was done!

(apologies for not so brilliant pics!)

Thank You Zuma


xx O xx

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