Thursday, 25 October 2012

WEARING : Converse All Star 2 Strap Hi Tops

It's very much about leather Converse for winter...

I picked these up at the Village Bicycle sale last week. Stock at this Notting Hill boutique is always worth checking out, and on this occasion I swooped in and picked up these bad-boys... leather Converse high top's - for £40! 

I work at a pretty casual start up in Old Street and, lets just say my work uniform is informal at best - plus white Converse are such a classic I couldn't really resist. I can see myself wearing these all through the rainy winter and providing a much needed little break from the Chelsea boots/skinny jeans work combo I normally live in.

You can get a similar pair from Village Bicycle here or if you are after the exact pair JD Sports have them on site here for £60.

xx O xx

Friday, 19 October 2012

LISTENING : Sixto Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind

So its Friday, it's raining and it's a Sugar man kind of day - 

Sixto in London

I have been listening to Sixo Rodriguez AKA 'The Sugarman' since I first heard him - weirdly, in a skate video, during my first year of Uni. Since then there has been an utterly BRILLIANT documentary, Searching For Sugarman made about this little known 60's superstar that never was, I really would recommend you catch it - its inspiring and goes without saying has brilliant music throughout.

Today I seem to have had the soundtrack from the film on repeat, especially Crucify Your Mind, listen to it on Spotify here and the full album here.

He's also playing in LONDON at the roundhouse in a few weeks, get the tickets here whilst you can!

xx O xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

GOING : Soma, Aveda Salon - Fulham

Haircuts and colour at Soma Salon, Fulham Road

Last week my friend Lizzie and I went to get our hair reconditioned, chopped and dyed at Soma Salon in Fulham, it was brilliant/restorative/fun/educational and most of all a lot of FUN.

Offering a full range of Aveda hair & spa services inc styling, colour & hair treatments, Aveda facials, massage, threading, waxing, manicures, Aveda body treatments and more, I can see myself spending a lot of time here in the future, but this time we just stuck to sorting out our hair...

Our stylist Rosie @heardrosie had a bit of a task on her hands, I was after 7 inches of hair cut off and died and Liz needed hers recoloured after a bad dye job. I was a bit nervous to have such a drastic chop but the end result was amazing - as was Liz's - I cant recommend Soma Highly enough!

Liz had had a recent dye job gone wrong and so Rosie started over, using a new technique to me called the 'Chatouche'. This  involved back combing sections of the hair and the brushing on a lightening product to the cloud like sections of the hair. It's basically an alternative to streaky highlights and aims to give the appearance of a head of hair that has been out enjoying the sunshine(which sadly has not been the case for us sun starved Londoners this year!)... anyway this was a resounding success and we all agree the Chatouche is the way to do hair lightening from now on! 

The post Chatouched do!

I, on the other hand went darker and shorter...

Happy Bouncy Haired Bunnies

And so to the products....

Rosie used the Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner on me. Like all Aveda products it is natural and smells gorgeous, this line is made to undo all the damage my GHD's, hair dryers and occasional dye jobs have done to my hair which has got to be a good thing. I treated myself to both the shampoo and conditioner and so far my hair has been smooth and lovely - highly , highly recommended!

I also treated myself to a Chakra 1 body mist - these smell AMAZING.

I've since had to order the delicious Aveda Liquorice root and pepper mint 'comforting' Tea, it. is. YUMMY

Thank You Rosie!

Complimentary hair and spa consultations are available so if you are based in South West London I'd try and pop down.

Friday, 12 October 2012

GOING : Tatler's 1st Ever Puppy Shower

So - I attended my first ever puppy shower!

Last week the team descended upon Vogue House hamper in hand, and I went along for the ride intrigued to see  what a puppy shower entailed. The shower was in honor of mini dachshund Alan, who already has his own twitter! @TatlerAlan.

With the team ready to shower future roving reporter Alan's mummy with all manner of puppy related gifts, the party began. There were cakes, party hat's, fizzy drinks and balloons, and I have to say the party went down a storm with the girls at Tatler Towers. 

Anna Hart of South Molton St Style brought along her year old Maltese Lopez, who was a huge hit! Thank you all for a fabulous time, and I can't wait to meet Alan!

Photographs MICHAEL GRAY
The gorgeous Jennifer George and Lopez the Maltese


The ridiculous hat hall of fame


The party was featured on Tatler's 'Bystander' section which you can see here.

xx O xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WEARING : Céline 'Audrey' Sunglasses

J'adore 'Audrey'

A true style icon, In  Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn tootles around NY in a pair of fab cat-eye frames immortalising the style. An almost universally flattering shape, the style was soon adopted by most of Hollywood and became a classic. This season cat eye glasses have been seen on the fashion elite and  the pick of these has got to be the 'Audrey' by luxury french fashion house Céline.

Céline have long created accessories that absolutely everyone covets, the masters at making pieces that are timeless yet modern too - and their Audrey sunnies are no exception.

I guess you could say  Céline is more about enduring style than 'fashion' - at least this is what you must tell yourself when purchasing these not so cheap but utterly gorgeous glasses. A sure wardrobe staple, the list of names seen sporting their Audrey's is as long as long as long, Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr, The Olsens, Kristen Dunst... the list goes on. 

Here I am sporting them in tortoise shell (admittedly looking far less glamorous than Audrey!)

Available in a number of colours, which is your favorite?

Matches have a fab navy pair in a similar style called 'Preppy' which I also LOVE, these are on the lust list for sure,

For a more affordable version of this classic check out these from topshop

or this fab butterfly cat eye pair from ASOS


xx O xx

Monday, 8 October 2012

MEETING : Katherine Copeland

I recently interviewed Olympic gold medallist Katherine Copeland... You can also see the article published on

Here Katherine tells me a little about what makes her tick, including the importance of family, friends and the occasional holiday to Italy… 

Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking after winning their Gold

Meeting Royalty - Katherine Copeland

Showing off the bling to the Duchess of Cambridge

At just 21 – the youngest female rower on Great Britain’s rowing team, Katherine claimed victory with her partner Sophie Hosking at Eton Dorney in the women's lightweight double scull. Their gold medal win earned Team GB their second medal for Britain’s rowers on “Super Saturday”. Their win was especially memorable for the look of shock and delight on the pair’s faces as they crossed the line to cheers from 30,000 spectators, prompting Katherine to mouth to Hosking: “We’ve won the Olympics”.
What one word describes you?
In your own words, what do you do?
I am a full-time athlete, funded by the National Lottery. I recently won a gold in rowing at the London 2012 Olympics.
Who is your greatest influence in your career/life?
In my rowing, my coach James Harris – he built up my confidence and gave me the chance to realise my potential – if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today. In life my mother and father, I think I’m a bit of a daddy’s girl and I trust their advice more than anyone else’s.
Which is your favourite part of your job?
Getting to do sport everyday! I get to go out every morning on the river which is beautiful, go on some great training camps abroad and train with my best friends. We have so much fun, so I just don’t think it could get any better than that.
Which is the part that you enjoy the least?
During our high intensity training weeks you just feel sick the whole time, it’s so tiring all you want to do when we’re not training is sleep. These also usually coincide with winter so when you least want to go training you also have to get up in the dark and row outside when it’s snowing and your hands are aching from the cold.                                                                                    
What is your greatest achievement?
Winning the London Olympics this summer in the lightweight women’s double sculls – I will never, ever forget the feeling of crossing the line – it was a mixture of shock and pure elation.

What was your Plan B?
I went straight into rowing after finishing college, so I guess it would be to go to University and get a degree. I’ve never actually known what I wanted to do as a career though, I just really loved rowing and was lucky enough that it worked out for me.
What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
I’m really into reading quotes – I have a daily quote app on my phone and follow a lot of quote tweeters on twitter! (Kate's twitter is @Kate_Copeland) ‘You need three things in life – a wishbone, a funny bone and a backbone’’.
Please complete the sentence… I could not live without…
My phone! I really want an iPhone next – It’s just so important for me to be able to ring my friends and family when I’m at training camp. Before the Olympics we were away for two months and I’m quite a home bird- I spoke to someone nearly every day as a little cheer-me-up.
Favourite restaurant? In which city?
I love lots of places- I’m not a very fussy eater! Gaucho in Manchester does amazing steak. I love going to Italy and eating at the traditional trattorias you find down little streets – that’s my idea of food heaven. One time my family and I went to a restaurant in a little old ladies house near Tuscany; it was basically a living room with about 5 tables in, and everyone just ate whatever they were given. We weren’t sure how many courses there would be- we had seconds of the first and second course when offered, but regretted it when to our shock they ended up serving about 7 courses!
Do you support a charity or cause?
I am a keen supporter of building up funds for young athletes and also the profile of sport in Teesside, my hometown, with a specific focus on girls in sport. Matt Wells, one of the men in the team, hosted a brilliant regatta the week after the Olympics which we all helped out at to raise funds to create a bursary for talented rowers in the North. I am currently trying to set up something similar but more permanent involving my rowing club at home.
What personal luxuries are on your Xmas wish-list?
I am pretty lucky in that I’d be quite happy without presents. Nice clothes or makeup never go a miss, and my dream would be a new car, but really I just love spending more time with my family when everyone’s back home, and having nice meals and evenings with my close friends.
What steps do you take to make your life more positive?
I really believe that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Anything I do I aim to do my best. I (nearly!) never procrastinate, as I feel a lot more relaxed when I don’t have jobs hanging over me. Especially over the last year or so, when the pressure was building towards the Olympics, I found the most important thing was to dedicate some time to making myself happy. For me, that came in the form of being sociable- even if it was just going to a friend’s house for dinner or a film. I think it’s really important to feel mentally refreshed as well as physically.

Thank You Katherine!
Me and a friend posing with Katherine, Sophie and their medals

(Have a look at other pieces of mine published in the site here.)  
xx O xx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

EATING : Byron Burger Putney

BYRON - I know, hardly a new find BUT Byron, as a burger chain is excellent and well worth anyones blogging time. This post was inspired specifically by one particular site - BYRON burger in Putney. It's new and it's brilliant.

The decor is so pretty and colourful I defy anyone not to be uplifted from a visit to this branch. 

The site that this particular burger joint occupies is actually an old haunt of mine - bier rex. This was the type of dark, dank, sticky floored suburban bar that we 16yr old West Londoners flocked to in our youth. Not shy of serving the under-age teens of Putney, Wimbledon and Fulham this was a place of pool tables sloshed in Vodka Red Bull and where snogging in the corners and downing shots of aftershock were the order of the day.

Well no longer! have a look at what you can expect if you visit now...

Exposed whitewashed walls, 60's mismatching wallpaper, parquet flooring, brightly coloured leather booths and white and wooden wired chairs, all in all very very nicely done!


Even the loo's are pretty (and have snazzy bose hi fi systems)

Putney, or rather 22 Putney High st - has come up in the world!

And just I case you hadn't been to the frankly mouthwatering Byron before, check out the menu here. Although personally, for me there is only really ever one route to go down when ordering,  it should go like this; 

1. Order a large glass of Red wine, or if you are here nursing a 
   hangover maker it a large regular coke with lots of freshly 
   squeezed lime.
2. Order courgette fries (with Mayo on the side).
3. Order a BYRON Burger, medium rare with guacamole on the side, 
   oh and specify the bacon is REALLY crispy.
4. On arrival of Burger - drench in Cholula.
5. Sit back and think about how awesomely delicious that perfect   
   meal was. 

... I'm warning you though, this is not somewhere to visit if you are watching those pounds, and you will not want to move for a good 15mins after eating! 

Mmmm courgette fries

Mmmm Condiments (note, and this is very important - the Cholula)

The Main Event 

Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum

In my Byron web site exploring I came across this video which nicely sums up the brand - watch it here.

Let me know if you know any other burger joints that are a must in London...

LISTENING : Jessie Ware - Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix)

Jessie Jessie Jessie.....

So Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip fame) has done a little remix of an already great track from the brilliant Jessie Ware, its pretty damn good, give it a listen here

And watch the video to the original single here - because it's also pretty ace

The album - should you choose to buy it is available on iTunes here

Monday, 1 October 2012

LISTENING : Kodaline - Kodaline EP

An EP from a new band...

Having spent last weekend listening to CD's rediscovered whilst packing for my move, I have been having a bit of a Radiohead, Verve and Kula Shaker moment. A new band reminiscent of these three 90's favourites - and also being played in my headphones of late are Kodaline.

The perfect pick-me-up band for grey day's such as today, like the afore mentioned bands they have a propensity to go off into psychedelic melodies and lead singer Steve Garrigan's delicate voice invite you to sing along. You could do worse than to put in your headphones and escape into Kodaline land. Definitely one to have on your radar.

They have also had their track 'All I Want' remixed by Brit band Everything Everything check it out here.

Plus I think their music video's are as heartfelt and atmospheric as the music, let me know what you think.

Kodaline - Lose Your Mind

Kodaline - All I Want

Kodaline - Perfect World

xx O xx