Thursday, 13 September 2012

GOING : Open Air Cinema at Chiswick House

Chiswick House

The Geese in the Lake

My Lovely Friends at Chiswick House

Ray-Ban's Wayfarer - Essential wear whilst in the company of Jake and Ellwood  

Remember to take big warm jackets for when the temperature drops!

I have a friend who works on the events team at Chiswick house, and so am lucky enough to have been invited to a good few events at this magnificent neo-Palladian villa in leafy Chiswick. 

What I love about Chiswick house is that it is a purpose built party house!!! Never intended as a private residence, Chiswick House has remained a venue for entertaining from its completion in 1729 until today, and never fails to make you feel fabulously glamorous when in it's grounds - even if you are just going to the cinema.

I was recently invited along to a screening of the Blues Brothers! We had a great time eating picnic food and getting through a fair few bottles of Prosecco. If you haven't seen this brilliant comedy you must, it is a non stop laugh-a-minute  Rhythm and blues adventure - with a GREAT soundtrack. Spotting the cameo's alone (Which include James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles) makes for a great conversation starter. 

The atmosphere of outdoor cinema events is, in my experience fab, I highly recommend seeking one out! 

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