Friday, 28 September 2012

WEARING : Ciaté's Caviar Manicure

Yesterday I attended an evening of pampering at Raffles in Chelsea (which I will blog about separately, as the food, drinks and clothes deserve their own posting!) This post however, Is on the Caviar manicure that I had from the lovely girls at Cité!

I actually saw a girl with these in the original black at an event a few months ago and I have to say I wasn't too sure I liked them, but when I had the chance to try them out last night, I thought I may as well and actually me and the friends that came with me all liked them! 

This is what we are talking about - tiny coloured pearls which, when poured over wet nail polish and gently patted in stick to your nail to create a 3D nail polish. The range comes in a multitude of colours and takes no longer to put on than a regular manicure, it is also apparently easy to remove with regular nail polish remover (although I have yet to try this - if its anything like glitter I'm not so sure!)

A caviar rainbow!

Ever the indecisive one, I went for a red base and rainbow beads, and I'm quite a fan of my 'cupcake' nails!

Hannah and Tori having their nails done

 Hundreds and Thousands anyone? 

Georgia went for the goth option - the original 'Caviar' nails.

 Camilla, Me and Georgia showing off our new look!

So there you have it, much posing with nails covered in tiny little beads! It's basically a fun manicure that has carried on getting a mixed bag of comments today but yes, I would definitely try them again... A word of warning though - a few of the beads have fallen off since last night so I would say it's better to buy the do it at home Kit's. That way you can do retouching and not be wandering around with semi caviar nails as I am now - after washing my hair and rifling around in my handbag all day...

xx O xx


  1. This was so much fun! I would definitely do this again

  2. i LOVE these were can i get them done

    1. Hiya! I think you can buy a limited colour way of kits on Ciaté's site, which you can reach by clicking the link at the top of the piece! O x