Wednesday, 19 September 2012

GOING : Ray Ban 75th Birthday Secret Primal Scream Gig

Happy Birthday Ray-Ban!

Last week I went along to what promised to be a legendary night from Dazed and Confused and Ray Ban. 

To celebrate this iconic sunglasses brand turning 75 years old we headed to Islington assembly hall for a night of dancing, drinking beer and Primal Scream. 

Suffices to say this evening was one of the best parties I've been to in a long time! In a room of no more than 500 guests there was legendary music talent in attendance both on stage and off - we even walked straight into One Direction's Harry Styles - he must love to Get His Rocks Off too... who knew?!

1st stop - A trip to the photo-booth taxi, cue pouts, posing, leather jackets and a green feather Boa.

Ahh Bobby Gillespie... This was taken just as he launched into Country Girl ... 

We bumped into an old friend, Jack Penate outside 


The Ray Ban photo-wall, again - more shameless posing!

And - ever the perfect end to an evening of dancing, a milkshake and some chicken selects from 'Fun' McDonald's.

Thank You Ray-Ban X Dazed and Confused for a BRILLIANT night of North London Rock'n'Roll fun!

xx O xx

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  1. Such a good night! Slightly disappointed I didn't spot Mr Styles...