Monday, 17 September 2012

GOING : Proud Galleries, Chelsea

 Terry O'Neill beside a shot of Sean Connery

  Me and Jonno checking out photos downstairs

You may have noticed recently that a number of celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of James Bond have been taking place here in London. Last week I dropped into the opening of Terry O'Neill's new exhibition, All About Bond: Photographs - held at the Kings Road branch of Proud galleries, Chelsea.

A prolific photographer of film and music stars, a hand picked show of Terry O'Neill's Bond collection was never going to disappoint! A master at capturing his subjects in unconventional and candid situations, there are some fantastic and iconic images to see here. We had a brilliant time sipping cocktails and imagining ourselves playing the part of this quintessentially British movie character. 

O'Neill has been photographing Bonds since Sean Connery's time and counts both Connery and Roger Moore as close friends, so there are many behind the scenes shots here that really let you imagine you were there on set having a laugh with the cast and O'Neill himself.

A photo which raised a smile amongst my friends was this one of the character 'Pussy Galore' I thought I'd include it - 

Honor Blackman as Bond girl Pussy Galore

Sean Connery turns photographer between takes

As a long term bond fan I can't recommend this show enough. As the official photographer on for 6 generations of Bond, O'Neill has a huge archive of iconic snaps, the best of which are on display in this small but perfectly formed show. 

So if you are in Chelsea over the next few weeks and fancy spending half an hour immersing yourself in the old school glamour of these photographs, and perhaps fantasising about sipping martini's with a Bond(or a Bond girl) on your arm - get down to Proud Chelsea before the 4th of November. 

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