Monday, 1 October 2012

LISTENING : Kodaline - Kodaline EP

An EP from a new band...

Having spent last weekend listening to CD's rediscovered whilst packing for my move, I have been having a bit of a Radiohead, Verve and Kula Shaker moment. A new band reminiscent of these three 90's favourites - and also being played in my headphones of late are Kodaline.

The perfect pick-me-up band for grey day's such as today, like the afore mentioned bands they have a propensity to go off into psychedelic melodies and lead singer Steve Garrigan's delicate voice invite you to sing along. You could do worse than to put in your headphones and escape into Kodaline land. Definitely one to have on your radar.

They have also had their track 'All I Want' remixed by Brit band Everything Everything check it out here.

Plus I think their music video's are as heartfelt and atmospheric as the music, let me know what you think.

Kodaline - Lose Your Mind

Kodaline - All I Want

Kodaline - Perfect World

xx O xx


  1. Hmmm. Not convinced. They sound like Fleet Foxes X Coldplay, but more like Coldplay and therefore not as good as Fleet Foxes.

  2. I actually really love this band - the videos are awesome, but I guess each to their own....

  3. I agree with Duke, but it seems more Travis X Snow Patrol. Dire.