Friday, 12 October 2012

GOING : Tatler's 1st Ever Puppy Shower

So - I attended my first ever puppy shower!

Last week the team descended upon Vogue House hamper in hand, and I went along for the ride intrigued to see  what a puppy shower entailed. The shower was in honor of mini dachshund Alan, who already has his own twitter! @TatlerAlan.

With the team ready to shower future roving reporter Alan's mummy with all manner of puppy related gifts, the party began. There were cakes, party hat's, fizzy drinks and balloons, and I have to say the party went down a storm with the girls at Tatler Towers. 

Anna Hart of South Molton St Style brought along her year old Maltese Lopez, who was a huge hit! Thank you all for a fabulous time, and I can't wait to meet Alan!

Photographs MICHAEL GRAY
The gorgeous Jennifer George and Lopez the Maltese


The ridiculous hat hall of fame


The party was featured on Tatler's 'Bystander' section which you can see here.

xx O xx

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