Thursday, 18 October 2012

GOING : Soma, Aveda Salon - Fulham

Haircuts and colour at Soma Salon, Fulham Road

Last week my friend Lizzie and I went to get our hair reconditioned, chopped and dyed at Soma Salon in Fulham, it was brilliant/restorative/fun/educational and most of all a lot of FUN.

Offering a full range of Aveda hair & spa services inc styling, colour & hair treatments, Aveda facials, massage, threading, waxing, manicures, Aveda body treatments and more, I can see myself spending a lot of time here in the future, but this time we just stuck to sorting out our hair...

Our stylist Rosie @heardrosie had a bit of a task on her hands, I was after 7 inches of hair cut off and died and Liz needed hers recoloured after a bad dye job. I was a bit nervous to have such a drastic chop but the end result was amazing - as was Liz's - I cant recommend Soma Highly enough!

Liz had had a recent dye job gone wrong and so Rosie started over, using a new technique to me called the 'Chatouche'. This  involved back combing sections of the hair and the brushing on a lightening product to the cloud like sections of the hair. It's basically an alternative to streaky highlights and aims to give the appearance of a head of hair that has been out enjoying the sunshine(which sadly has not been the case for us sun starved Londoners this year!)... anyway this was a resounding success and we all agree the Chatouche is the way to do hair lightening from now on! 

The post Chatouched do!

I, on the other hand went darker and shorter...

Happy Bouncy Haired Bunnies

And so to the products....

Rosie used the Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner on me. Like all Aveda products it is natural and smells gorgeous, this line is made to undo all the damage my GHD's, hair dryers and occasional dye jobs have done to my hair which has got to be a good thing. I treated myself to both the shampoo and conditioner and so far my hair has been smooth and lovely - highly , highly recommended!

I also treated myself to a Chakra 1 body mist - these smell AMAZING.

I've since had to order the delicious Aveda Liquorice root and pepper mint 'comforting' Tea, it. is. YUMMY

Thank You Rosie!

Complimentary hair and spa consultations are available so if you are based in South West London I'd try and pop down.

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