Thursday, 4 October 2012

EATING : Byron Burger Putney

BYRON - I know, hardly a new find BUT Byron, as a burger chain is excellent and well worth anyones blogging time. This post was inspired specifically by one particular site - BYRON burger in Putney. It's new and it's brilliant.

The decor is so pretty and colourful I defy anyone not to be uplifted from a visit to this branch. 

The site that this particular burger joint occupies is actually an old haunt of mine - bier rex. This was the type of dark, dank, sticky floored suburban bar that we 16yr old West Londoners flocked to in our youth. Not shy of serving the under-age teens of Putney, Wimbledon and Fulham this was a place of pool tables sloshed in Vodka Red Bull and where snogging in the corners and downing shots of aftershock were the order of the day.

Well no longer! have a look at what you can expect if you visit now...

Exposed whitewashed walls, 60's mismatching wallpaper, parquet flooring, brightly coloured leather booths and white and wooden wired chairs, all in all very very nicely done!


Even the loo's are pretty (and have snazzy bose hi fi systems)

Putney, or rather 22 Putney High st - has come up in the world!

And just I case you hadn't been to the frankly mouthwatering Byron before, check out the menu here. Although personally, for me there is only really ever one route to go down when ordering,  it should go like this; 

1. Order a large glass of Red wine, or if you are here nursing a 
   hangover maker it a large regular coke with lots of freshly 
   squeezed lime.
2. Order courgette fries (with Mayo on the side).
3. Order a BYRON Burger, medium rare with guacamole on the side, 
   oh and specify the bacon is REALLY crispy.
4. On arrival of Burger - drench in Cholula.
5. Sit back and think about how awesomely delicious that perfect   
   meal was. 

... I'm warning you though, this is not somewhere to visit if you are watching those pounds, and you will not want to move for a good 15mins after eating! 

Mmmm courgette fries

Mmmm Condiments (note, and this is very important - the Cholula)

The Main Event 

Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum

In my Byron web site exploring I came across this video which nicely sums up the brand - watch it here.

Let me know if you know any other burger joints that are a must in London...

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